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The second issue, Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective, is dedicated to the memory of Doris Ernestine Henry Lytle (above left) and Anne Jacquelin Lytle Dirks (above right), my grandmother and mother.

Wendy Dirks, Editor-in-Chief

 women in cross cultural perspectives (anth 324)  
 Women as Brides in Japanese Marriages  Abstract
  Lindsay M Baker

 Women’s Involvement in Guinea Worm Eradication Efforts in Ghana  Abstract
  Cordelia F Brown

 Power and Politics: Women’s Political Role in Various Societies  Abstract
  Crystal Dawn Clay

 Gender Inequality and Family Planning in Pakistan, China, and Kenya  Abstract
  Halima Nana Garba

 Birth Processes and Views Among the Maya of Yucatan and the Women of Tamil Nadu  Abstract
  Charlyn E. Green

 Women in India from Birth to Marriage: Oppression and Domestic Violence  Abstract
  Piyush C Jain

 Change in Partnership Patterns in Asia   Abstract
  Daniel Y Keum

 Female Circumcision in Sudan  Abstract
  Virginia N Kiely

 Black Women and Beauty: the Perception of Personal Attractiveness and the Influence of the Media   Abstract
  Heather Marie Kroes

 Empowerment of Women in Venezuela  Abstract
  Nadia Rosa Moreno

 Genocide And Native American Women  Abstract
  Bilal M Sarwari

 The Status of Nicaraguan Women in Poverty: A Look Into Their Lives Before and After Hurricane Mitch  Abstract
  Victoria L Stipick

 The Change in the Roles of Women in Traditional Korean Culture  Abstract
  Heesang Yoon

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